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Silent Brick DS.

Image: Controller G5000 with 5x Silent Brick and 2x Silent Brick DS, here: 504 TB (gross)

The Silent Brick DS is particularly well suited for storage-hungry backup and archive applications with hundreds of terabytes.

The new Silent Brick DS offers 48, 96 or 192 terabytes (gross) in one height unit, thus considerably reducing the space required in the rack for large volumes of data. The use of standard 3.5'' hard disks reduces incremental storage costs down to tape level.

The integrated data protection safeguards against data loss. When used as SecureNAS 3P (as file server or for backups) it protects with Triple Parity, as VTL (for backup and archiving) even four redundancy spares are available.

The Silent Brick DS contains 12 hard disks and is offline capable.

  • Extension for Silent Brick Controller (G5000), 1 height unit each (71cm depth)
  • Configurations with 48 and 96 and 192 terabytes gross capacity per Silent Brick DS
  • Deployable as VTL or SNAS as stationary storage for backup and archiving
  • Triple Parity (SNAS) or quadruple redundancy with Erasure Coding (VTL)
  • Redundant design of power supply & fan
  • Cost-optimized for storage-hungry applications (hundreds of terabytes to petabytes)
  • Highest packing density in the rack saves space and reduces cooling requirements
  • Offline/Airgap: Energy-saving and highly secure through complete shutdown in case of inactivity and separation from the online system


Backup Storage

Backups are becoming ever more important. Increasing data volumes, high data dependency and attacks by ransomware require better backup concepts. Silent Bricks are elastically scalable, individually configurable and can be flexibly combined as SecureNAS and VTL for any backup application.

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File Archiving

To provide an alternative to tape storage in large archives, the Silent Brick DS can be configured as a Virtual Tape Library (VTL). The integrated data protection using 12/8 Erasure Coding with 4 redundancy reserves additionally protects the stored data.

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