The Silent Brick DS.

Storage module for the Silent Brick Controller.


The Silent Brick DS (top) is also available in a hardware WORM sealed version (bottom)


One height unit, many terabytes: The Silent Brick DS offers 48, 96 or 240 TB capacity (gross) per U for backup-to-disk, S3-compatible object storage and large VTL archives (cold storage). If that's not sufficient, multiple Silent Bricks can be combined to create larger volumes. At any time, even retroactively. Up to almost 5 petabytes per controller.

DLR uses Silent Brick DS to store satellite data


Each Silent Brick DS is equipped with 12 hard disks that come from 3 different productions. This prevents data loss due to correlated failures. Depending on the configuration as SecureNAS, SecureNAS ERC or VTL, 3 or 4 redundancies per Silent Brick DS ensure that the failure of a data carrier does not lead to data loss. The Silent Brick DS WORM is also WORM-sealed by hardware and protects your data 100% against manipulation or unintentional deletion.

The variations

Silent Brick DS | FAST LTA

Silent Brick DS

The Silent Brick DS, equipped with 3.5-inch hard disks, offers 48, 96 or 240 TB gross capacity, which can also be combined to larger volumes. As SecureNAS it protects the data with triple parity, as SecureNAS ERC or in VTL mode even quadruply with 12/8 erasure coding and linear file system (of course random access is retained for reading).

Variations and technical data

Silent Brick DS WORM

The Silent Brick DS WORM is the storage expert for large capacity requirements. The 12 hard disks are quadruple protected against failure with erasure coding and linear file system. In addition, WORM sealing by hardware ensures 100% protection against data manipulation and unintentional deletion. The KPMG certification enables audit-proof and DSGVO-compliant archiving in the Silent Brick System.

Variations and technical data

Silent Brick DS WORM | FAST LTA
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Data protection

Backup-to-disk is at the heart of any data protection. Sufficient capacity and high security to protect against the consequences of a ransomware attack are the major requirements for storage solutions.

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Object Store

S3-compatible object stores are increasingly used as storage for backup archives and for data protection from SaaS offerings such as Microsoft365® or Salesforce®. The Silent Brick DS offers sufficient capacity for this purpose.

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Cold Storage

VTL archives for the secure but available storage of large amounts of data benefit from the high data density of the Silent Brick DS, which provides up to 240 TB on one height unit - in total up to 6 petabytes per Controller.