Testimonial: Eichhof Medical Center

Silent Cubes to grow right along with image management expansion at Eichhof Medical Center

The FAST LTA solution guarantees revision-safe long-term archiving of all data with the PACS by VISUS

The Eichhof Medical Center in Lauterbach is a primary care hospital with 240 beds. Comprising a total of ten departments, the hospital’s specialties are surgery, internal medicine and psychiatry, although its services are additionally supplemented by other consulting physicians and affiliations. The Eichhof Medical Center draws approximately 10,000 inpatients and 32,000 outpatients each year, some coming from far beyond the borders of the Vogelsberg region. The hospital is tasked with meeting all patient needs from the aspects of innovative medical care and modern facilities.

Without a chief radiologist on-site, the hospital’s Radiology Department is particularly well-organized, its nine staff members providing close to 43,000 examinations of 17,000 patients per year. X-ray diagnoses are provided by the specialists in the various different departments. Inpatient CT scans are sent over a dedicated line to the Diagnostic Radiology Center of Northern Hesse in Bad Zwesten for around-the-clock diagnoses.

Customer: Eichhof Medical Center

Product: Silent Cubes

Capacity: 8 TB (net)

Solution: JiveX