Testimonial: FEK Neumünster GmbH Hospital

FEK Neumünster GmbH hospital establishes sustainable long-term archiving with Silent Cubes from FAST LTA

Faster access to data supports physicians in their daily work and helps optimize patient care

The first step the 645-bed hospital took in digitization was archiving all their records on DVDs. Due to how prone mechanical archiving media such as DVD and magnetic tape libraries are to failure, the focus shifted away from optical media – and thereby turned directly on Silent Cubes from FAST LTA.

I find it to be a very attractive technical solution. It’s installed with three times four disks from a series of different vendors – that alone promises the highest fail-safe operation. You can say that there’s a lot of know-how built into these Cubes. And that Silent Cube is certificated by an internationally renowned auditing firm simply underscores the very high security standard

Jürgen Spanier, IT-Manager FEK Neumünster


Today, the FEK is already working with four Silent Cubes. The first two with 16 terabytes of memory, configured like the others completely redundantly, were then expanded by two 24-terabyte-strong Cubes. Spanier estimates they will be full in four years.

FAST LTA storage cubes are the primary archiving medium at FEK, the short-term PACS memory serving only as the technical bridge.

“Requests for X-rays go right through PACS which preloads the images from the Silent Cubes,” as Spanier explains the process.

All datas are archived uncompressed, following a decision made by a project group prior to the introduction of the PACS. “ We all discussed this at great length as a group and came to the conclusion we would not pinch pennies at the expense of the patients and their wellbeing. I also feel that it’s not always necessary to squeeze out the very last bit of memory,” says Spanier in support of the decision.

Spanier was also impressed with FAST LTA as a partner. “If there ever was a problem, their customer service responded immediately, scheduled an on-site appointment and also kept it. The integrated system monitoring process sends advance automated notifications of any imminent disturbances to administrators here at the clinic and also externally to FAST.”


Customer: FEK Neumünster GmbH Hospital

Product: Silent Cubes

Capacity: 40 TB (net), replicated

Solution: Centricity PACS