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We believe in partnership.

Our Authorized Partners are not just resellers of our products. They are our partners. Together, we ensure satisfied customers and long-term customer relationships. And more sales.

Authorized Partner.

FAST LTA is a German specialist provider of secure secondary storage systems for healthcare, public administration and medium-sized businesses. We are not a full-range provider that can cover every aspect of enterprise IT.

Despite this, or especially because of it, there are good reasons for a partnership.

Stand out.

Differentiation is no longer a matter of sacrificing your sales margin. We know from our experience: We can compete very well with well-known brands, even or especially because our offering is a little different. We like to compete with other players - but not at your expense.

Stable prices.

Our systems are reasonably priced and offer attractive margins. We do not compete with aggressive discounts on the first sale and keep our prices stable for years. This creates planning security and trust. Our customers like that. Very much so.

Outstanding products.

The Silent Brick System is the only all-in-one storage system for all aspects of modern data backup. Silent Bricks are also used successfully as cold storage VTL archives, e.g. for storing satellite data at DLR. And Silent Cubes have been the de facto standard in audit-proof archiving for over 12 years. Hospitals, public institutions and authorities, customers from industry, trade, finance and research have been entrusting us with their data since 2008.

Long-term customer loyalty.

Our experience has shown that our customers usually remain loyal to us and our products for years. And they expand their initially installed systems with additional components. This results in a steady stream of additional sales over the years. The high level of satisfaction with our products is also expressed in the excellent NPS of 72 (2020).

Extensive service.

We train them extensively and regularly. We help with customer consulting, and our service network supports you during installation - and the customer in the event of problems. Joint marketing measures are also part of the partnership, such as mutual webinars.

Get in touch.

If you are interested in a partnership, have a customer base and experience in storage IT, please contact us by phone at +49 (89) 890 47 - 610, by email at [email protected], or via the contact form, and briefly introduce yourself.