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Allgeier Medical IT, a company of the Allgeier Group, has been processing and archiving medical data for more than 15 years and we are one of the most successful healthcare solution providers with office-based radiologists and hospitals throughout Europe.

Experienced technicians and software engineers continuously enhance the scope of functions of the solutions offered and implement them in compliance with IHE.

Due to the modular system architecture the RIS/PACS and mDMAS products by Allgeier Medical IT is optimally scalable to the needs of the client – from the entry solution and the Enterprise version to a multi-tenant, multi-site solution in the clinic network.




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Bildmanagementsystem von Allgeier Medical IT - Allgeier.PACS ist ein IHE-konformes, nach 2b zertifiziertes und komplett durch Allgeier Medical IT entwickeltes Bild- und Datenmanagementsystem. Aufgrund seiner modularen Systemarchitektur ist es optimal auf die Bedürfnisse des Kunden skalierbar von der Einstiegslösung bis hin zum Einsatz im Klinikverbund als Enterpriseversion und mandantenfähige Multisitelösung. Ganz gleich, ob wir mit bildgebenden Modalitäten oder mit KIS / RIS Systemen kommunizieren - wir haben erprobte Lösungen mit allen Herstellern. 

Allgeier.PACS is an IHE-compliant image and data management system, certified under 2b and completely developed by Allgeier Medical IT. Due to its modular system architecture it is optimally scalable to the client’s needs, from the entry solution to deployment in the clinic network as an Enterprise version and a multi-tenant, multi-site solution. No matter whether we communicate with imaging modalities or with HIS/RIS systems – we have tried and tested solutions with all developers. 

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