We are a team of IT professionals that work closely for over a decade in a solid team spirit. We don’t think little of ourselves. We take pride in the efforts we’ve made so far to meet the market never-ending demand on quality products, regardless if they are out of the box or tailored to feed particular business projects and needs. We’ve developed so far landmark data archiving products from platforms like E-mail servers, MS SharePoint and NTFS and File servers. But we’ve also built unique bridge solutions between diverse business content systems, being able to migrate, classify and consolidate data between DMS, legacy archive, all flavors of E-mail systems and MS SharePoint platforms. We are TECH-ARROW and we aim to help you reach your targets by using the latest technology and analytical expertise.



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contentACCESS ist ein modulares Produkt, mit eingebauten oder benutzerdefinierten Plugins. Die eingebauten Plugins stehen für On-Premise Exchange-Server, Office365, SharePoint und Fileserver zur Verfügung. Mit diesen Plugins kann contentACCESS mehrere Systeme in einem Archivspeicher in der Cloud oder On-Premise kombinieren. Es gibt viele Möglichkeiten zur Visualisierung und Bearbeitung der archivierten Daten: verwenden Sie officeGATE (ein Outlook Addin) so sind die Daten direkt in Outlook zu sehen, benutzen Sie contentWEB, um die Daten mit einen Webbrowser zu sehen, verwenden Sie accessGATE Mobile Anwendung, um die Daten auf Ihrem Smartphone zu sehen und/oder zu benutzen oder accessGATE, um Ihre Daten mit SharePoint zu verbinden. 

contentACCESS is a modular framework which is primarily designed for processing emails from MS Exchange or Office 365. The processed emails can be stored in various 3rd party archive or storage systems on premise as well as on cloud. contentACCESS provides a simple way of just implementing the actual processing task and writing to an archive system of your choice. It also provides methods for accessing stored content regardless of the target, providing unified access.