Our cold storage products for SMB are safe enough to skip the additional backup. Data is protected through Erasure Coding, Digital Audit and Disk Mix.
Silent Brick Library | Silent Cubes | Silent Cube Compact

You are looking for:

  • a replacement for your tape library
  • a flexible, secure storage for your backups
  • a secure and scalable network attached storage
  • a solution for safe and quick transfer of large amounts of data

You want or have to:

  • secure data from your DMS/ECM
  • store data unalterable and according to laws and regulations
  • safeguard your mission-critical data for years and decades
  • move your permanent data out of your backup procedure

Flexible and scalable COLD storage for backup and archive

Silent Brick Library

Revision-safe WORM-storage for health care, government and industry

Silent Cubes

Approved Solutions

Together with ISVs, we ensure maximum compatibility of the Silent Brick Library and various software solutions. Our automated test environments mirror real-life scenarios with high system load and performance. We want to make sure that the Silent Brick Library seamlessly integrates with your infrastructure.

For revision-safe archiving, according to laws and regulations, it is especially crucial that the storage subsystem plays well with the DMS/ECM, PACS or archiving software. Within our Approved Solutions program and together with ISVs, we make sure that interoperability is seamless.