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The Silent Brick System.

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Unfortunately, in most cases this ignores reality. Existing maintenance contracts and ongoing write-offs make a step-by-step modernization of the backup storage environment necessary.

To avoid even higher complexity at the end than before, the Silent Brick System covers all requirements for a modern data backup - and can replace RAIDs and tapes step by step or add missing parts to your environment.

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Performance Storage:

The Silent Brick Plus.

Equipped with 12 fast SSDs, data transfer rates of up to 1 GB/s are possible with the Silent Brick Plus. This makes it ideal for daily incrementals and allows virtual machines to be started directly from the backup during recovery.

Technical Data & Variants

Capacity Storage:

The Silent Brick Max.

Equipped with 12 hard disks in 3.5-inch format and up to 240 TB, the Silent Brick Max offers the best balance between high capacity and low storage costs - ideal for long-term full backups and as a target for backup archives. The Silent Brick Max also cuts a fine figure as an S3-compatible object store.

Technical Data & Variants

(Re-) Movable Storage:

The Silent Brick Air.

The Silent Brick Air is also equipped with 12 hard disks and offers maximum data security in VTL mode thanks to erasure coding and a linear file system. As a virtual tape, it is directly controlled by the backup software and can thus also be "ejected" - true air gap, without tape.

Technical Data & Variants

Object Store:

Silent Brick Max / Plus.

In parallel every volume in the Silent Brick System can be provided as a S3 compatible object store. Depending on performance requirements, the Silent Brick Max with high capacity or the Silent Brick Plus with high speed are the right choice.

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When did backup become so complicated?

A backup serves to protect against data loss. If an original is lost, you still have a copy as a safeguard, as a "backup".

Data protection could be that simple in a world without RTO and RPO, ransomware and natural disasters. But today, an IT administrator needs to think much more about what a secure, reliable and affordable backup strategy looks...