Compliant Archiving.

Certified, GDPR-compliant.
Proven thousands of times.

Certified & GDPR-compliant.

Our archiving systems are certified for compliant archiving and meet the requirements of the GDPR.

Without special conditions: Certified by KPMG.

Maximum security.

Structure-safe, linear storage with hardware WORM sealing offers the maximum protection against any kind of data loss and has proven itself thousands of times.

Only hardware WORM protects 100% against data loss.

Full Service.

Durable and reliable, plus complete, long-term service contracts: Silent Cubes are known as endurance runners with minimal maintenance requirements.

Proven thousands of times, minimal maintenance, full service.


Hospitals, government agencies and industrial customers trust our archiving solutions.

Hospitals, government agencies and industrial customers trust our archiving solutions.
For over 12 years, customers from healthcare, government agencies and industry have relied on our storage solutions for certified and GDPR-compliant archiving. Full certification, smooth integration, highest security including hardware WORM and minimal maintenance effort convince in thousands of installations.

Our specialized storage systems for compliant archiving:

Silent Cubes and Silent Brick WORM

GNS trusts in the Silent Brick System from FAST LTA

Revision-safe documentation and archiving


GDPR-compliance and hardware WORM

Again and again we hear:
GDPR-compliance and hardware WORM - that's not possible!

That is incorrect. Our WORM systems have also been confirmed as GDPR-compliant by KPMG.

Article 17 ("right to deletion") provides for important exceptions, notably "compliance with a legal obligation" (paragraph 3b). Retention periods (legal obligation) are considered to outweigh the individual right to deletion.

Storage in our archive system explicitly respects retention periods. The possibility of making data inaccessible after the expiry of these periods (which corresponds to deletion in the IT sense) is an integral part of the certification.

Three central requirements for storage systems result from GDPR and legal requirements:

1. Data integrity

Protection against manipulation and data loss is a central component of the EU GDPR. Article 32 EU GDPR ("Security of processing") requires in number 1, paragraph b

"the ability to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, availability and resilience of the systems and services related to the processing on a permanent basis".

2. Privacy protection

Due to the EU GDPR, the protection of privacy is taken into account more than before. Individuals have the right to obtain information about the stored data and about the storage locations. If there is a legitimate claim, the deletion of personal data can be enforced, as described in Article 17 ("Right to deletion"):

"The data subject shall have the right to obtain from the controller the immediate deletion of [...] personal data [...]."

3. Compliance with legal requirements

Article 17 EU GDPR ("right to deletion") recognizes important exceptions in paragraph 3, among others:

"[The right to deletion] does not apply if the processing is necessary: [...]
(b) for compliance with a legal obligation which requires processing [...]. […]
(e) for the assertion, exercise or defense of legal claims."

Software solutions for compliant archiving