NameSilent Brick Single Drive

Short DescriptionArchive storage appliance with one slot for 1x Silent Brick WORM

Long DescriptionThe Silent Brick Single Drive is the all-in-one solution for compliant archiving. 2 TB (net) of archive data can be stored on the Silent Brick WORM, an expansion to 4 or 6 TB is possible at any time via software. The hardware WORM sealing ensures the highest level of data security with quadruple redundancy using erasure coding. The compliant archiving is confirmed by KPMG without any restrictions and certified for more than 100 software solutions.

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Applications Archiving

Availability D, A, CH Rest of Europe UK & Ireland

Product Variants
Article # Variant
SB1200 Single Drive 1GbE
Technical Data

19 inch, 1 U, 1 slot


1 GbE

Maximum capacity

6 TB (gross) with Silent Brick WORM

Power (sleep mode)

approx. 10 watt

Performance (typical)

approx. 90 watt (Silent Brick)

Performance (maximum)

150 watt

Sample Configuration
1x Single Drive
1x Silent Brick WORM 12/8
1x Drive Compliance Option
2x 1 TB (net) Drive License (WORM)

ca. 6980€

plus maintenance for 5 years, installation and shipping

For compliant archiving, we generally recommend a replicated installation (2 locations).

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