NameSilent Brick Max WORM

Short DescriptionStationary storage module with hardware WORM sealing for Silent Brick Controller

Long DescriptionThe Silent Brick Max WORM is a storage module equipped with hard disks for the Silent Brick Controller. It is equipped with 12 hard disks each from 3 different batches. The connection in the system is made via SMB or NFS sharing. The Silent Brick Max WORM has an integrated protection against data loss by quadruple redundancy using Erasure Coding, as well as a linear file system with hardware WORM sealing. Together with the appropriate archiving, DMS or industry software, this enables compliant archiving in the Silent Brick system.

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Applications Archiving

Availability D, A, CH Rest of Europe

Product Variants
Article # Variant
SB83048 Silent Brick Max WORM 32/48 TB (HDD)
SB83096 Silent Brick Max WORM 64/96 TB (HDD)
SB83192 Silent Brick Max WORM 128/192 TB (HDD)
Technical Data

1 U


19 inch


Full length

Weight (HDD)

approx. 18 kg

  • Storage module for Silent Brick Controller
  • Equipped with 12 hard disks from 3 different production batches
  • Hardware WORM sealing
  • Certified for compliant archiving and DSGVO-compliant archiving
  • Configuration within the system with quadruple redundancy with erasure coding and linear file system
  • Connection via SMB/NFS shares
  • Gross capacity: 48, 96 or 192 TB (uncompressed) per U
  • Volumes also possible over multiple Silent Bricks Max WORM with same configuration
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