NameSilent Cube Head Unit (Pro)

Short DescriptionControl center for Silent Cubes archive storage

Long DescriptionThe Head Unit (Pro) is the control center for all Silent Cube systems. It receives data from PACS, DMS and archive systems and stores it on the WORM-sealed Silent Cubes according to defined specifications. The system can be easily configured and monitored via the Silent Cubes software using a web interface. The compliance option enables compliant archiving including electronic receipts.

Product GroupSilent Cubes Related Products Silent Cube Head Unit for VMware® Silent Cube Silent Cube DS (Pro)

Applications Archiving PACS

Availability D, A, CH Rest of Europe

Product Variants
Article # Variant
71040 Head Unit H1000
71050 Head Unit H1000Pro
70040 Compliance Admin Software
Technical Data

19‘‘ / 1U / half length (395mm)


6.4 kg

Power supply units

redundant, 2x 300W

Network Connections

H1000: 5x 1G (RJ45)
H1000pro: 3x 1G (RJ45), 4x 10G (SFP+), includes 2x modules for 1G (RJ45) and 8x modules for 10G (4x RJ45 & fibre (LC/SR) each)

Internal storage

1 TB cache / internal storage (M.2)
H1000: 16 GB RAM
H1000pro: 64 GB RAM

Power consumption (standby/typical/max)

H1000: 8,6 W / 65 W / 115 W
H1000 Pro: 8,6 W / 75 W / 125 W

Heat output (typical/max)

H1000: 222 BTU/hr / 392 BTU/hr
H1000 Pro: 256 BTU/hr / 427 BTU/hr


max. 38°C intake temperature


Carton, 643 mm x 557 mm x 157 mm

  • New, uniform Silent Cubes design
  • Compatible with all Silent Cubes / Silent Cube DS (Pro)
  • Silent Cubes Software from 3.0
  • Compliance Option optional
  • Incl. software for replication to second location
  • Maintenance contract with 10+ years term
  • Climate neutral (CO2 compensation): production, transport, recycling
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