Silent Bricks.

Flexible storage solutions for complete data protection and large VTL archives

The System:

Controller & Shelf

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Data storage:

NEW: Silent Brick
Plus, Max & Air

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The Lean:


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For all aspects of modern

data protection.

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Speed means security: faster backup and restores ensure that data is better protected and becomes available again more quickly.

This requires flash-based subsystems.

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Safety & Costs.

The large data volumes of full backups and backup archives require secure, cost-effective storage that scales easily - at any time.

Disk-based storage modules deliver the best compromise.

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Air Gap & Replication.

The final protection of the backups takes place via physical outsourcing (air gap) or replication to a second location, e.g. via S3-compatible object store.

Don't compromise on safety.

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Outsourcing full backups and backing up SaaS data (e.g. Microsoft365 or Salesforce) doesn't have to be left to just any cloud provider.

On-premises S3-compatible object stores maintain data sovereignty.


Download our fact check on the topic.

When did backup become so complicated?

A backup serves to protect against data loss. If an original is lost, you still have a copy as a safeguard, as a "backup".

Data protection could be that simple in a world without RTO and RPO, ransomware and natural disasters. But today, an IT administrator needs to think much more about what a secure, reliable and affordable backup strategy looks...

May we introduce:

The Silent Brick System.

The basis, modularly expandable:

The Silent Brick Controller.

The controller is the heart of the Silent Brick system. All components are carefully assembled and designed for decades of continuous operation. Critical parts are redundant. Our hardened LINUX is used as operating system, which offers no gateways for malware and attacks.

The controller can be equipped with stationary and mobile storage modules. It therefore features 5 slots for Silent Bricks (expandable with shelves with 14 slots each) as well as SAS ports for connecting the stationary Silent Brick DS.

Individual configuration enables connection to your infrastructure.

Controller | FAST LTA
  • Dimensions: 19 inch, 3 U
  • Network: 10G Ethernet or Fibre Channel

Technical Data

Performance storage, mobile/stationary:

The Silent Brick Plus.

Equipped with 12 fast SSDs, data transfer rates of up to 1 GB/s are possible with the Silent Brick Plus. This makes it ideal for daily incrementals and allows virtual machines to be started directly from the backup during recovery.

The Silent Brick Plus comes in gross capacities of 12, 24 and 48 TB - volumes can also be spanned across multiple media.

The ZFS-based SecureNAS with 2 or 3 redundancies is used to protect against data loss.

Controllerflash | FAST LTA
  • 12 SSDs from 3 batches
  • Removable / Air Gap

Technical Data

Capacity storage, stationary:

The Silent Brick Max.

Equipped with 12 hard disks in 3.5-inch format, the Silent Brick Max offers the best balance between high capacity and low storage costs - ideal for long-term full backups and as a target for backup archives. The Silent Brick Max also performs well as an S3-compatible object store.

The Silent Brick Max is available in gross capacities of 48, 96 and 240 TB per height unit, which can of course be combined as desired.

In addition to SecureNAS with 2 or 3 redundancies, linear erasure coding with 4 redundancies can also be used to ensure particularly high security.

Controllerflashds | FAST LTA
  • Stationary storage module, 1 U
  • 12 hard disks from 3 batches

Technical Data

Modular storage, mobile:

The Silent Brick Air.

The Silent Brick Air is also equipped with 12 hard disks and offers maximum data security in VTL mode thanks to erasure coding and a linear file system. As a virtual tape, it is directly controlled by the backup software and can thus also be "ejected" - true air gap, entirely without tape.

With 12 or 24 TB gross capacity, the Silent Brick Air already offers more storage than state-of-the-art LTO tapes.

Erasure Coding with 4 redundancies provides built-in data protection that effectively prevents data loss due to hard disk failure.

Controllerflashdsvtl | FAST LTA
  • VTL mode with Erasure Coding
  • 4 Redundancies and linear file system

Technical Data

The above configuration is only a part of the possibilities offered by the flexible Silent Brick system. Protection via Air Gap can also be realized via internal replication - locally or to a second location - without VTL. The Silent Brick Max is also very suitable as a file server with SMB and NFS access due to its high storage density. And for all data requiring special protection, Silent Brick Air and Silent Brick Max are also available as a variant with hardware WORM sealing. This also enables compliant archiving in the same system.

Note: For larger volumes of data, we recommend separate systems for data protection and compliant archiving, for which our Silent Cubes are particularly well suited.

Start Anywhere.

We know that it is often not possible to completely replace existing data protection infrastructure overnight. Ongoing depreciation and maintenance contracts make a gradual changeover necessary.

No problem with Silent Bricks: start wherever you want.

Although the central element of data protection is the backup-to-disk environment, you can also easily just replace your old-fashioned tape library or drives with Silent Brick Air. Or optimize RTO and RPO with fast Silent Brick Plus. Or build a large S3 compatible object store for your backup archives with Silent Brick Max. Your advantage: Further components can usually be realized simply by adding the appropriate storage modules, without additional costs in separate storage IT and with fair, degressive licensing costs.

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I don't think there is a simpler solution on the market. The flexibility of the Silent Brick System is unsurpassed.

In addition to data protection

Silent Bricks are suitable as a large VTL archive

as our customer DLR impressively demonstrates.