NameSilent Brick Drive

Short DescriptionStorage appliance with two slots for Silent Brick, Silent Brick Flash or Silent Brick WORM

Long DescriptionThe Silent Brick Drive is a storage system for data protection and archiving, which is equipped with 2 slots for Silent Brick storage media. As archive storage - file server or compliant archive - with a total of up to 48 TB (gross) with two Silent Brick or Silent Brick WORM. Thanks to integrated data protection through linear, structure-safe storage, primary storage and backup efforts are relieved. As backup storage for individual storage categories (flash, disk, VTL) including true Air Gap, it is also suitable as a supplement to the existing backup infrastructure. With two Silent Brick Flash up to 96 TB (gross), with two Silent Bricks up to 48 TB (gross). Thanks to transportability of the Silent Bricks and replication, the Silent Brick Drive is also ideally suited as a node in an installation with central storage. Since replication is basically media-based, the data of the individual remote sites is also physically separated at the central location and can therefore be clearly localized.

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Applications Backup Archiving

Availability D, A, CH Rest of Europe UK & Ireland

Product Variants
Article # Variant
SB2200 Drive 1GbE
SB2400 Drive Pro 10GbE CPU+
Technical Data

19 inch, 1 U, 2 slots


E-paper display as electronic label


1 GbE (Drive) 2x 10GbE (Drive Pro)

Maximum capacity

48 TB (gross) with Silent Brick / WORM 96 TB (gross) with Silent Brick Flash

Power (sleep mode)

approx. 10 watt

Performance (typical)

approx. 90 watt (Silent Brick)

Performance (maximum)

150 watt

Heat output

typical: 307 BTU/h maximum: 512 BTU/h

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