NameSilent Brick Controller

Short DescriptionControl center for Silent Brick System with 5 slots for Silent Bricks

Long DescriptionThe controller is the central unit of the Silent Brick system. It can be equipped with stationary Silent Brick DS and mobile Silent Bricks. Silent Brick DS can be connected via SAS, for Silent Bricks it contains 5 slots, which can be extended by 14 slots each via extension shelves. The basis is a high-performance server with redundant design of critical components. In addition to 10Gb Ethernet, Fibre Channel (only for VTL) is also available as a connection to the infrastructure.

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Applications Backup Archiving

Availability D, A, CH Rest of Europe UK & Ireland Americas (USA, Canada, South America) Rest of World

Product Variants
Article # Variant
SB8016 Controller G5200 2x 10GbE
SB8015 Upgrade 2x FC 16Gbit (instead of 10GbE)
SB8014 Upgrade SFP+ incl. modules
Technical Data
Number of slots

5 slots for silent bricks

Data interface

Dual 10GbE (RJ45 or SFP+), or dual 8G Fibre Channel + 1GbE

Management interface

2x 100MbE for administration & API 1x 1GbE IMPI for HW monitoring

Interface extension

Serial Attached SCSI (SAS), dual Wide Link 8x 6 GBit/s (8x 12 Gbit/s HD-Mini SAS SFF-8644) for Shelf or Silent Brick DS

Sleep mode performance

20 watt

Power typical

approx. 250 watts (with Silent Bricks HDD)

Power continuous operation

400 watt

Heat output

typically 854 BTU/h, maximum 1366 BTU/h


H 3 U / W 19 inch / D 785mm


approx. 21 kg (empty), approx. 31 kg (with 5 Silent Bricks)

  • Control center for Silent Brick System
  • Contains 5 slots for silent bricks
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