NameSilent Brick Plus

Short DescriptionSSD-equipped data container for the Silent Brick System

Long DescriptionThe Silent Brick Plus is a data container for the Silent Brick System. It occupies one slot in the Silent Brick Drive, Controller or Shelf and is equipped with 12 SSDs each from 3 different batches. The connection within the system is done via SMB or NFS sharing, parallel access via S3 compatible protocol is possible. The Silent Brick Plus has an integrated protection against data loss by double or triple parity (SecureNAS 2P/3P). Multiple Silent Brick Plus with the same configuration can be combined into larger volumes. As a removable, mobile container, Silent Brick Plus enables true Air Gap (physical separation).

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Availability D, A, CH Rest of Europe UK & Ireland Americas (USA, Canada, South America) Rest of World

Product Variants
Article # Variant
SB87012 Silent Brick Plus 12/8 TB (SSD)
SB87024 Silent Brick Plus 24/16 TB (SSD)
SB87048 Silent Brick Plus 48/32 TB (SSD)
Technical Data

12 cm


2,5 cm


58 cm


1,2 kg

  • Data container for Silent Brick Controller, Shelf and Drive
  • Equipped with 12 SSDs from 3 different production batches
  • Sturdy aluminum housing incl. handle
  • Epaper display as electronic label, customizable via software
  • Individual SSDs can be replaced easily and without special tools
  • Configuration within the system with triple parity (SecureNAS 3p)
  • Connection via SMB/NFS, parallel connection via S3-compatible protocol possible
  • Gross capacity: 3, 6, 12, 24, 48 or 96 TB (uncompressed) per Silent Brick Flash
  • Volumes also possible across multiple Silent Brick Plus with same configuration
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