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With our secure capacity storage products, small and medium sized businesses protect themselves from data loss.

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Elastic data backup at Scheugenpflug with Silent Bricks from FAST LTA

Elastic data backup at Scheugenpflug with Silent Bricks from FAST LTA

"FAST LTA is a reliable, innovative partner who has an open ear for the concerns of its customers."

Markus Schmid, IT Manager, Scheugenpflug AG


Our products are optimized for securely storing terabytes of critical data for decades. Since 2008 we specialize on flexible, scalable, "made in Germany" storage solutions beyond primary storage.

Ensuring compliance.

Silent Cubes and the Silent Brick WORM are certified for compliant archiving.

» Compliant Archiving

Optimizing backups.

Silent Bricks can help reducing cost and administration for backups - as all flash or disk, wether online, offline or off-site.

» Backup Storage

Secure archiving.

Silent Bricks secure archival data in its linear, self-contained file system and help reducing the load on primary storage and backups.

» File Server / Active Archive

“With unstructured file archives growing into petabytes, traditional backup methods have become inefficient and unaffordable“

To cut data protection costs, Gartner recommends: “Take advantage of storage-native data protection capabilities, instead of traditional backup and recovery for file archives.

Gartner: How to Cut Data Protection Costs for Disk-Based File Archives, 19 September 2016
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Silent Bricks

Elastic Cold Storage for Backup and Archive

The Silent Brick System‘s movable storage media is independent from its general storage IT. This guarantees high-performance components for connections, and also allows for maximum flexibility and individual configuration of the media. Also, it enables replication on a per-media basis, ease of transport and off-site storage.

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Silent Brick Drive

The Drive is the most affordable entry to the Silent Brick System - or its ideal companion. 2 slots for Silent Bricks offer up to 48 TB gross capacity.

» The Silent Brick Drive

Silent Bricks

Silent Bricks are equipped with fast SSD's or economic hard disks and offer optional hardware WORM sealing for compliant archiving.

» The Silent Brick

Controller & Shelf

Featuring 5 slots, the Controller offers up to 120 TB gross capacity. It can be expanded with Extension Shelves with 14 slots / 336 TB gross each.

» The Silent Brick System

Elastic scalability, flexible configurations

Silent Bricks scale elastically. Choose between flash or hard disk, optional WORM sealing, and connection options. Increase online and offline capacity by simply adding more Silent Bricks.

Silent Cubes

Specialized storage solution for compliant archiving

Being a market leader in German hospitals and public administration, Silent Cubes are the de facto standard storage solution for compliant archiving. 

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Silent Cube System

Highly scalable, the Silent Cube System with separate Head Unit stores large amounts of data, e.g. from healthcare or media applications.