Let's talk about data protection.

Our products and services help our customers to simplify data protection and migration, eliminate regulatory risk and mitigate long term risk of data loss. » read more

Let's talk about backup.

Simplify your backup with Silent Bricks. On-premise storage appliances with integrated data protection for all NAS and VTL requirements. Media replication and rotation. Online, offline and off-site, with support for air gap environments. All in one system.

On-premise VTL and NAS storage for backup.

Let's talk about

Early separation of production and archive data helps fulfilling GDPR requirements and lowers cost and effort of backups. Silent Bricks with integrated data protection offer archive storage with and without WORM sealing along with backup storage All in one system.

Secure, GDPR compliant storage

Let's talk about
moving data.

Desaster recovery as a service, transferring terabytes between locations, air gapping with secure data transfer: Silent Bricks movable storage with integrated data protection.

Zero-energy, secure movable storage.

The Silent Bricks storage solution is a flexible set of appliances with built-in data protection for archiving and backup.
The Drive

1U on-premise storage appliance with 2 slots for Silent Brick containers.

The System

Expandable storage system from 5 slots for local and distributed backup & archiving applications.

The Bricks

Disk or SSD based, optional WORM sealing, capacity up to 24 TB (gross) each, zero energy.