Let's talk about backup.

Silent Bricks help you protect your data against loss and Ransomware.

Image: Silent Brick Controller with 2x Silent Brick Flash & 2x Silent Brick, below: Silent Brick DS - 2x Silent Brick

Cölner Hofbräu P. Josef Früh KG

Cölner Hofbräu P. Josef Früh KG

Cölner Hofbräu brewery is ready for the secure data protection with Silent Bricks from FAST LTA
"Over the next few years, we will continue to upgrade our backup and archive systems to the FAST LTA Silent Brick System and expand existing solutions."

Julian Kamp, Head of IT

Fast Incrementals, Reliable Restore Points, Secure Air Gap:

3-2-1 Backup - All In One Silent Brick System

With the Silent Brick System you are prepared for all backup challenges. In a single system, with a single point of contact and a single service level agreement.

Modern backup strategies put high demands on the storage system. According to the 3-2-1 rule, at least 3 instances should be realized on at least 2 different media, of which at least one instance should be offline-capable.

1st instance: Incremental backups via SecureNAS to Silent Brick or Silent Brick Flash

2nd instance: Long-term restore points and full backups (Grandfather/Father/Son - GFS) via SecureNAS on Silent Bricks or Silent Brick DS

3rd instance: Offline-capable full backups via VTL or SecureNAS with media rotation on Silent Bricks

Unique Technologies:

Maximum Protection For Your Data

Continuous Snapshots

The time machine against Ransomware: Continuous Snapshots automatically record every change on the volume. Should an attack succeed in compromising network backups or deleting data, you can always revert to previous versions.

Example with 4 days duration

  • Each day, a new snapshot is created, which records the changes on the storage medium like layers in a separate area that is not accessible by the file system.
  • On the 5th day the basic snapshot and the first layer are merged, so there are always the same number of snapshots available.
  • If a snapshot is now corrupted (e.g. compromised by ransomware), you can return to the previous snapshot.
Air Gap

Silent Bricks are offline capable. Whatever happens in your network - data stored offline is immune to attacks. So you can be safe even without legacy tapes: Your data is protected.

struktursicherer Speicher

The Silent Brick is an approx. 2 kg light, power-free storage container, which is equipped with 12 storage media (hard disks or SSDs). If required, it can be removed from the Silent Brick System and stored in a secure location (air gap).

Erasure Coding

Erasure Coding 12/8 offers twice the security of RAID-6, ideal for full backups and archives.

Hardware WORM

Our hardware WORM sealing guarantees protection against deletion and manipulation, is certified by KPMG and cannot be bypassed by any admin in the world.


By replicating individual Silent Bricks to a second location, the data is protected against loss through theft or disaster.


Our systems are designed to protect your data without compromise. We ensure reliable operation with the highest quality components and long-term maintenance contracts.

Silent Bricks

Elastic Secondary Storage for Backup and Archive

The Silent Brick System‘s movable storage media is independent from its general storage IT. This guarantees high-performance components for connections, and also allows for maximum flexibility and individual configuration of the media. Also, it enables replication on a per-media basis, ease of transport and off-site storage.
» Silent Bricks

Silent Brick Drive

The Drive is the most affordable entry to the Silent Brick System - or its ideal companion. 2 slots for Silent Bricks offer up to 48 TB gross capacity.

» The Silent Brick Drive

Silent Bricks

Silent Bricks are equipped with fast SSD's or economic hard disks and offer optional hardware WORM sealing for compliant archiving.

» The Silent Brick

Controller & Shelf

Featuring 5 slots, the Controller offers up to 120 TB gross capacity. It can be expanded with Extension Shelves with 14 slots / 336 TB gross each.

» The Silent Brick System

Think Big.

The Silent Brick DS is a storage extension for the Silent Brick System with up to 192 TB per height unit - ideally suited for high-capacity archiving and backup applications.

Silent Brick DS

Our service - more than maintenance

All of our components and systems are designed to operate for a minimum of 10 years. For this reason, we also offer 10-year service contracts under set terms (where available).

Aus Überzeugung garantiert FAST LTA 10 Lebensdauer