Simplify your backups.

Silent Bricks can help reducing cost and administration for backups - as all flash or disk, whether online, offline or off-site.
Scheugenpflug vertraut auf Backup Kombination Silent Brick und Veeam

Scheugenpflug AG

Elastic data backup at Scheugenpflug with Silent Bricks from FAST LTA
"I don’t think there is a simpler solution on the market. The system’s flexibility is unmatched."

Markus Schmid, IT Manager, Scheugenpflug AG

Data separation

The separation of productive and archival data at early stages significantly reduces the need for primary storage and backups. This helps minimizing administration, invest and license costs.

Elastic scalability, flexible configurations:

Silent Bricks adapt to your requirements

Flash or Disk

Silent Bricks are equipped either with flash or hard disks. It is up to you to leverage individual storage areas for throughput or price/performance.


Regardless of the configuration - Silent Bricks scale elastically. Increase the online capacity by simply adding Silent Bricks. The Drive offers 2 slots, the Controller even 5, with optional Extension Shelves adding another 14 slots each.

SecureNAS & VTL

Configuration and interfacing are as diverse as your data. Whether SecureNAS or VTL – Silent Bricks fit your applications.

Offline & Off-Site

Silent Bricks are movable and offline-capable by design. Replication takes place on a per-media basis – without the necessity to mirror your whole storage IT. This allows for storing data off-site, preventing unauthorised physical access.

Archive & WORM

Separating productive from archive data helps reduce storage effort and cost. Also, compliant archiving is becoming increasingly important. The optional WORM protection allows combining all of this within a single storage system.

The new EU-GDPR will be mandatory by 2018, requesting, „the ability to ensure the ongoing confidentiality, integrity, availability and resilience of processing systems and services.“

Source: EU

Michael Beinhofer, Rosenheim district office
„With Silent Bricks, we actually found the universal storage platform we were looking for.“

The Rosenheim district office needed to renew the heterogenous storage IT for their backups that had been growing over time. The aim was to replace NAS and tape storage with a modern infrastructure for Veeam backups. „The elastic scalability allowed us to use one of the most secure and future-proof storage systems for our backup data we could find on the market.

Incremental backups are written directly to the NFS or SMB shares on SecureNAS volumes and purged based on the policies of the backup software. SecureNAS volumes can span multiple Silent Bricks, if required.

Full backups are stored on SecureNAS or VTL configured Silent Bricks. Replication and media rotation allow for storing offline copies in a safe place.

Silent Bricks

Elastic Cold Storage for Backup and Archive

The Silent Brick System‘s movable storage media is independent from its general storage IT. This guarantees high-performance components for connections, and also allows for maximum flexibility and individual configuration of the media. Also, it enables replication on a per-media basis, ease of transport and off-site storage.

Silent Brick Drive

The Drive is the most affordable entry to the Silent Brick System - or its ideal companion. 2 slots for Silent Bricks offer up to 48 TB gross capacity.

» The Silent Brick Drive

Silent Bricks

Silent Bricks are equipped with fast SSD's or economic hard disks and offer optional hardware WORM sealing for compliant archiving.

» The Silent Brick

Controller & Shelf

Featuring 5 slots, the Controller offers up to 120 TB gross capacity. It can be expanded with Extension Shelves with 14 slots / 336 TB gross each.

» The Silent Brick System

All of our components and systems are designed to operate for a minimum of 10 years. For this reason, we also offer 10-year service contracts under set terms.