Silent Bricks

Software Version 2.55

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A new software version is available for your Silent Bricks System.

Due to numerous security updates, we classify this version as mandatory for all Silent Brick Controllers and Drives.


Follow these steps to update your system:

  1. Make sure that your system is at least on version 2.31. If in doubt, contact technical support (see end of document).
  2. Download the new version and save the .tar file (do not unpack the file!).
  3. Stop all access to the system:
    a. "Eject" tapes in virtual tape libraries via the managing software.
    b. unmount SNAS volumes in the web interface and take Silent Bricks offline
  4. Now install the update (fast-sb-update) via the service area from the user interface and let the process complete. The system will reboot after completion.
  5. Log in again and check the version.


For all Silent Brick Controllers and Drives.

New features

Automatic physical eject for virtual tape libraries

With Eject Silent Brick Physically, it is now possible to define for each Virtual Tape Library that Silent Bricks used within this VTL are not only unlocked during the export process, but also physically pushed out of the Silent Brick Controller.
The movement takes place to such an extent that the Silent Brick is both electronically decoupled and cannot be retracted by digital methods. In order to physically and completely reinsert the Silent Brick into the slot and thus enable data transmission, it must be manually pushed into the device by approx. 1 cm until the guide mechanism can grip and retract it again.

2 55 physikalischer auswurf | FAST LTA
Encryption for SNAS volumes

With this release, we support volume encryption for both the "SNAS ERC" volume type and the "SNAS" volume type commonly used in the backup environment. This increases the security of the volume, especially when physically moving Silent Bricks.

2 55 encryption | FAST LTA
SNMPv3 support

With this release, we support the more secure variant V3 of the SNMP protocol in the context of SNMP monitoring, including the associated authentication options.

2 55 snmpv3 | FAST LTA

Various improvements

Update of the Public API

Update of the Public API calls corresponding to the new scope of functions.

Update of the Windows scripts for compatibility with Windows Powershell 7.

Creation of a new VEEAM Connect Script to use the VEEAM function "Rotated Disks" in combination with several Silent Brick Volumes.

Important information