NameSilent Cube DS (Pro)

Short DescriptionCertified data storage with WORM mirroring for compliant archiving and DSGVO compliance

Long DescriptionSilent Cube DS and Silent Cube DS Pro are based on the flexible DS platform and offer up to 128TB net capacity for the Silent Cube system on one height unit. By adding more Silent Cube DS (Pro), the total capacity can be expanded up to petabytes. Hardware WORM sealing prevents tampering and accidental erasure of written data. The Silent Cube DS (Pro) is certified for compliant archiving in appropriate systems. A Head Unit (model C4 or later) or Head Unit for VMware® is required for operation. Silent Cube DS and Silent Cube DS Pro can also be connected to existing Silent Cubes systems (with Head Unit model C4 or later or HU for VMware®).

Product GroupSilent Cubes Related Products Silent Cube Head Unit for VMware® Silent Cube Head Unit (Pro) Silent Cube

Applications Archiving PACS

Availability D, A, CH Rest of Europe

Product Variants
Article # Variant
SC70004 6/4 TB
SC70008 12/8 TB
SC71016Pro 24/16 TB
SC71032Pro 48/32 TB
SC71064Pro 96/64 TB
SC71128Pro 192/128 TB
Technical Data
Redundant power supply units

2x 300W

Network connections

Silent Cube DS: 1x 1 GBit Ethernet to Head Unit (RJ45)
Silent Cube DS Pro: 1x 1 GBit Ethernet to Head Unit (RJ45) + 2x 10G Ethernet to Head Unit Pro (SFP+), includes 2 modules each for RJ45 and fibre (LC/SR)


19 inch / 1U / full length (770mm)


20 kg

Power consumption (Standby/typical/maximum)

Silent Cube DS: 5W/130W/300W
Silent Cube DS Pro: 5W/137W/300W

Heat output (typical/maximum)

Silent Cube DS: 444 BTU/hr / 1024 BTU/hr
Silent Cube DS Pro: 467 BTU/hr / 1024 BTU/hr


max. 38°C intake temperature


Carton, ca. 1000 mm x 700 mm x 300 mm

  • Compatible with all Silent Cube systems
  • Based on DS platform
  • WORM sealing via hardware
  • Erasure coding with quadruple redundancy
  • Digital audit with self-repair
  • Disk Mix - 4 disks each from 3 batches
  • Climate neutral (CO2 compensation): production, transport, disposal
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Frequently asked questions

Q: Is it necessary to replace Silent Cubes (cube design) with Silent Cube DS (Pro)?
A: No. All Silent Cubes can continue to be used and, if expanded, can be supplemented by new Silent Cube DS.

Q: Is it possible to connect more than one Silent Cube (DS) (Pro) to one Head Unit (Pro)? Can I mix Silent Cube (DS) and Silent Cube DS Pro in one installation?
A: Yes. More than one Silent Cube (DS) (Pro) on a Head Unit (Pro) requires a corresponding switch.

Q: Can I connect Silent Cubes (DS) with 1G Ethernet to the Head Unit Pro?
A: Yes, because the Head Unit Pro also has a 1G Ethernet port.