Mobile Archive.

German broadcasters ARD and ZDF use Silent Bricks to securely move archived footage to and from sports events around the globe.

Client / Project Storage.

With Silent Bricks, you can separate data from projects and clients, easily put projects on hold, and offload footage from your primary storage - secure, fast, scalable.

Olympics, football, track & field, cycling:

Sports footage on the move.

A year of recorded footage from international cycling events sums up to about 500+ hours, resulting in 15+ TB net. This was the challenge Germany‘s Saarländischer Rundfunk (SR, part of ARD) faced when looking for a solution to archive their XDCAM HD recordings in their broadcast van.
The ZDF had some similar questions: How can hundreds of hours of clips and archived footage be moved from their headquarters to their broadcast vans for the Winter Olympics and the football world cup? How can it be assured that no data will be lost in the process? And how can the shipping of RAID systems that were never made to be moved avoided?

Meet the Silent Brick.

The Silent Brick System is a slot-based secondary storage solution. Connected through dual 10G, the Silent Brick Drive offers 2 slots in just 1U height. Perfect for mounting in a broadcast van. On location, a single Silent Brick can record (or deliver) up to 24 TB gross/16 TB net of data, using ultra-secure Erasure Coding with 4 redundancies. A Silent Brick weighs just about 2kgs and is protected in a sturdy aluminum frame.
Shipping cases for 1 or 4 Silent Bricks make it easy to deliver hundreds of hours of footage to any place in the world utilizing standard courier services.

Zero energy, maximum protection:

Move your content.
Not your IT.

Whether you choose the elegant Single Case or the sturdy Quad Case - moving your footage physically still beats any network connection.

Since Silent Bricks do not have a battery and are designed to be moved, you can take them with you easily using your favorite airline or ship them through standard courier services.

Free your SAN:

Offload footage/projects to Silent Bricks.

A project is on hold. A client is late on payment. And there is that extra job that needs to be finished now, top priority. Sounds familiar? Should you update your SAN to handle the extra capacity needs, or offload unfinished projects to good old tape?

Meet the Silent Brick.

The Silent Brick System is a slot-based secondary storage solution. A single Silent Brick can hold up to 24 TB gross/16 TB net of data with ultra-high Erasure Coding security and our optimized linear file system. Drives and Controllers can be added to the network using (dual) 10G, ideal for proxy-based project workflows. 

For more demanding tasks, simply upload the required footage to the primary storage. If a project is on hold, or after the job is done, offload everything to a Silent Brick and free your SAN for the next project or that priority job. Finally, no more tapes. 

Offline Silent Bricks are zero-energy and can simply be stored - until the project continues.

Built to scale:

The Silent Brick System.

There is one rule to rule them all:
There is no such thing as »enough storage«.

Silent Bricks scale infinitely. Since they are designed as offline-media, you can just add more storage space by adding more Silent Bricks.

Online availability is only limited by the number of slots. A Drive offers 2 slots, while a Controller has 5 and can be expanded with Shelves of 14 slots each. Silent Bricks can be exchanged between every system.

Since data security is a constant concern, data can be replicated on a per Silent Brick basis, within a system or between connected systems.