The ideal combination.

Silent Bricks are the ideal backup storage for Veeam Backup Essentials and Backup & Replication. They protect you from loss through ransomware and fully support InstantRecovery and SureBackup. Configure it your way as SecureNAS + VTL or SecureNAS with replication.

Perfectly works for B2D2T using VTL
and B2D2D using built-in replication.

  • Choose between performance SSDs and economic HDDs. Forget the disadvantages of tape while keeping the benefits.
  • Air Gap: Silent Bricks are offline-capable and can be stored off-site without any energy consumption and safe from any access.
  • Silent Bricks flexibly scale with your demand, just by adding more Bricks.
  • Primary backups to Silent Bricks save you from using up pricey physical storage inside your VM.
  • High-speed connection with Dual 10GbE, including LACP. High-performance storage servers with up to 1 GB/sec throughput.
  • Invest in a flexible Silent Brick system instead of insecure NAS and outdated tape storage. One configuration, one vendor, one SLA.
Replacing Tape:
Backup to SecureNAS to VTL
Replace your NAS and tape backup targets with a combination of SecureNAS and VTL - in a single system.
  • Primary backup to a Silent Brick FLASH (SSD / best performance) or Silent Brick (lower cost) as SecureNAS, secondary backups to Silent Bricks as VTL - both paths via Veeam
  • The secondary backup onto VTL offers instant, random access without cueing, and four redundancy levels using Erasure Coding
  • VTL backups can easily set offline and even stored offsite for enhanced protection against unauthorized access
  • Media rotation of VTL media is generically handled by Veeam, simplifying the backup process

+ Combine the advantages of tape and disk: online & offline, Air Gap, random access, ease of scalability, and high performance.

+ One storage hardware for SecureNAS and VTL, one vendor, one SLA.

+ Unmatched scalability and flexibility - just add Silent Bricks when needed.

Remarks: Using SecureNAS and VTL in a backup-to-disk-to-tape configuration, all data is transferred at least twice between Veeam and the Silent Brick system. InstantRecovery is naturally not available from VTL media.

NAS all the way:
Backup to SecureNAS with replication
Minimized network load and unmatched flexibility with SecureNAS and local and/or remote replication.
  • Primary backups via Veeam to Silent Brick Flash (highest performance) or Silent Brick (lower cost) as SecureNAS, secondary copies via replication of cloning completely within the Silent Brick system. Continuous Snapshots further enhance protection against ransomware
  • Considerably lowers the load on Veeam servers and the network
  • Replication can done internally or to a remote system at a second location
  • Replicated copies can be set offline (automated via API) and physically removed from the system to prevent unauthorized access (Air Gap)
  • InstantRecovery can be done using any copy at any instance

Immediate InstantRecovery from any backup instance.

True Air Gap capability thanks to removable storage containers.

Single instance Veeam backup, more instances with built-in replication - saves server and network load.

Remarks: Further protection can be achieved by setting up Continuous Snapshots, automatically securing a selectable number of rollback points. Automation of the replication process, including setting the replicated copy offline, can easily be achieved with our public API.

Silent Bricks

Elastic Cold Storage for Backup and Archive

The Silent Brick System‘s movable storage media is independent from its general storage IT. This guarantees high-performance components for connections, and also allows for maximum flexibility and individual configuration of the media. Also, it enables replication on a per-media basis, ease of transport and off-site storage.

» Silent Bricks

Silent Brick Drive

The Drive is the most affordable entry to the Silent Brick System - or its ideal companion. 2 slots for Silent Bricks offer up to 48 TB gross capacity.

» The Silent Brick Drive

Silent Bricks

Silent Bricks are equipped with fast SSD's or economic hard disks and offer optional hardware WORM sealing for compliant archiving.

» The Silent Brick

Controller & Shelf

Featuring 5 slots, the Controller offers up to 120 TB gross capacity. It can be expanded with Extension Shelves with 14 slots / 336 TB gross each.

» Das Silent Brick System


The Silent Brick is also availably as limited edition - perfectly complementing your Veeam installation (upon request, as stocks last)
More than just an SLA

All of our components and systems are designed to operate for a minimum of 10 years. For this reason, we also offer 10-year service contracts under set terms.