Silent Bricks

Elastically scalable, flexibly configurable storage solution for backup & archiving, featuring (re-) movable storage containers.

Silent Cubes

Specialized storage solution for compliant archiving with hardware WORM sealing, proven in thousands of installations.
Elastic scalability, flexible configurations:

Silent Bricks for backup & archiving

Silent Brick Flash
Silent Brick Flash
All-flash version for applications that require maximum performance - starting at 3 TB (gross), hardware WORM sealing optional
Flash or Disk

Silent Bricks are equipped either with ultra-fast SSD's or economic hard disks, from 3 to 24 TB (gross). It is up to you to leverage individual storage areas for throughput or price/performance within the same system.

Silent Brick Drive
Silent Brick Drive
2 slots for Silent Bricks, up to 48 TB online capacity (gross), unlimited offline scalability, NAS / SecureNAS with optional WORM sealing / VTL
Online, offline, off-site

Silent Bricks are movable and offline-capable by design. Replication takes place on a per-media basis – without the necessity to mirror your whole storage IT. This allows for storing data off-site, preventing unauthorised physical access.


Configuration and interfacing are as diverse as your data. From re-writable NAS to linear, self-contained SecureNAS or VTL – Silent Bricks fit your applications.

Silent Brick WORM
Silent Brick WORM
Compliant archiving within the Silent Brick System - SSD or hard disks, starting at 2 TB (net)
WORM Sealing

Due to their hardware WORM sealing, Silent Brick WORMand Silent Cubes are suited for compliant archiving and have been certified for hundreds of software solutions.

Scheugenpflug vertraut auf Backup Kombination Silent Brick und Veeam

Scheugenpflug AG

Elastic data backup at Scheugenpflug with Silent Bricks from FAST LTA
"I don’t think there is a simpler solution on the market. The system’s flexibility is unmatched."

Markus Schmid, IT Manager, Scheugenpflug AG

Thousands of installations:

Silent Cubes for compliant archiving

Ensuring compliance

Silent Cubes is a specialized storage solution for compliant archiving.

» Silent Cubes

Certified to work with 100+ software solutions
Hardware WORM sealing
Scalable at any time
Lowest maintenance, highest reliability
No-worries SLA


Backup Storage

Moving Terabytes to Petabytes, increasing data dependency, and a growing number of attacks from ransomware require improved concepts for backup & recovery. Silent Bricks scale elastically, are individually configurable, and can be combined for any backup application as NAS, SecureNAS and VTL in a single system.

File Storage

To reduce burden on primary storage and backups, move mostly inactive file to a dedicated file storage, also known as active archive. Silent Bricks with SecureNAS offer integrated data protection.

Compliant Archiving

With Silent Cubes, we are market leader for compliant storage in German hospitals and public services. The hardware WORM protection has been proven in thousands of installation - and is now also available within the Silent Brick System. The Silent Brick WORM is suited for compliant archiving.