Silent Brick Controller


I am the Silent Brick System.

Mix & Match – The Silent Brick System‘s movable storage media is independent from its general storage IT. This ensures maximum flexibility as well as online, offline and off-site scalability. 

The Silent Brick is a movable storage media with built-in data protection implemented by use of 12 flash or disk drives with user selectable redundancy. Up to 24 TB (gross) per Silent Brick  allow for easy ingress, egress and safe off-site storage.

The Controller features 5 slots, offering up to 120 TB (gross). Using the 14 slots of an Extension Shelf, capacity can be extended by 336 TB (gross), each.

Silent Bricks can be replicated individually, within the same local system or to a second remote location.

  • Controller with 5 slots / 120 TB (gross),
    Shelf with 14 slots / 336 TB (gross) each

  • Supports all Silent Brick models: disk and flash, with optional WORM sealing

  • Software connection via NFS/SMB or VTL

  • Any combination from NAS, SecureNAS, VTL in a single system

  • 10G Ethernet or Fibre Channel

  • Local and remote replication, individual Silent Bricks


Backup Storage

Moving Terabytes to Petabytes, increasing data dependency, and a growing number of attacks from ransomware require improved concepts for backup & recovery. Silent Bricks scale elastically, are individually configurable, and can be combined for any backup application as NAS, SecureNAS and VTL in a single system.

File Storage

To reduce burden on primary storage and backups, move mostly inactive file to a dedicated file storage, also known as active archive. Silent Bricks with SecureNAS offer integrated data protection.

Compliant Archive

With Silent Cubes, we are market leader for compliant storage in German hospitals and public services. The hardware WORM protection has been proven in thousands of installation - and is now also available within the Silent Brick System. The Silent Brick WORM is suited for compliant archiving.