left to right: Silent Brick WORM, Silent Brick, Silent Brick Flash


I am the Silent Brick. I am available in configurations with SSD's or hard disks, from 3 to 24 TB (gross), and with optional hardware WORM sealing.

The Silent Brick storage container is the heart of all Silent Brick Systems.

Featuring 12 drives, it is available as all-flash with 3, 6, 12 or 24 TB, or with hard disks with 12 or 24 TB gross capacity.

The Silent Brick has been designed as rugged and (re-) movable online and offlline data container. Depending on the configuration, data is protected through dual or triple parity, or through our linear file system with Erasure Coding and 4 redundancies.

All models are also available as Silent Brick WORM with our hardware WORM sealing. Together with one of the 100+ certified software applications, this enables compliant archiving within the Silent Brick System.

  • 12 drives per Silent Brick, SSD (Flash) or hard disks
  • Gross capacities: 3, 6, 12 or 24 TB (Flash) /  12 or 24 TB (hard disks)
  • Optional hardware WORM sealing
  • Each Silent Brick can be individually configured with dual or triple parity (random write/read, NAS), or with Erasure Coding and 4 redundancies (linear write / random read, SecureNAS or VTL)
  • Weight including drives: ca. 2kg

Silent Bricks contain 12 SSD's or hard disks, are (re-) movable, and can easily repaired without special tools.

Silent Brick WORM

Compliant Archiving comes to the Silent Brick System: the Silent Brick WORM features our hardware WORM sealing that has been proven in thousands of Silent Cubes installations. Together with one of 100+ Approved Solutions, this enables compliant archiving (according to D, A, CH regulations, e.g. GDPdU, GoBS, RöV).

The Silent Brick WORM is available with SSD's (all-flash) or hard disks, with net capacity of 2, 4, 8 and 16 TB each (SecureNAS with linear file system and Erasure Coding / 4 redundancies).



Backup Storage

Moving Terabytes to Petabytes, increasing data dependency, and a growing number of attacks from ransomware require improved concepts for backup & recovery. Silent Bricks scale elastically, are individually configurable, and can be combined for any backup application as NAS, SecureNAS and VTL in a single system.

File Storage

To reduce burden on primary storage and backups, move mostly inactive file to a dedicated file storage, also known as active archive. Silent Bricks with SecureNAS offer integrated data protection.

Compliant Archive

With Silent Cubes, we are market leader for compliant storage in German hospitals and public services. The hardware WORM protection has been proven in thousands of installation - and is now also available within the Silent Brick System. The Silent Brick WORM is suited for compliant archiving.