Our products are optimized for applications with the need for large capacity, elastic scalability, long-term low costs and highest protection from data loss. Beyond the primary storage, our solutions address medium to enterprise business needs for Secure Archiving, Backup Storage and more.

Secure Archive

With Silent Cubes, we are market leader for compliant storage in German hospitals and public services. The hardware WORM protection has been proven in thousands of installation. The Silent Brick WORM offers the same technologies for ultra-secure archiving.

Backup Storage

Moving Terabytes to Petabytes, increasing data dependency, and a growing number of attacks from ransomware require improved concepts for backup & recovery. Silent Bricks scale elastically, are individually configurable, and can be combined for any backup application as SecureNAS and VTL in a single system.

Landratsamt Rosenheim löst alte Tape-Umgebung mit Silent Brick ab

Rosenheim district office

Future-proof Silent Bricks replace outdated tape-based backup solution
"With Silent Bricks, we actually found the universal storage platform we were looking for."

Michael Beinhofer, technical lead at Rosenheim district office

Secure File Storage

To reduce burden on primary storage and backups, move mostly inactive file to a dedicated file storage, also known as active archive. Silent Bricks with SecureNAS offer integrated data protection.

Secure, movable storage

With Silent Bricks, Moving terabytes of data between locations becomes as easy as unmount, ship, mount. Double or triple parity, encryption and the sturdy aluminum housing prevent the loss of data on the way.