Secure archiving.

Silent Cubes and the Silent Brick WORM feature linear, self-containe data structure, quadruple Erasure Coding protection and hardware WORM sealing for ultra-secure archiving.

Being 100% secured or fulfilling legal constrains requires specialized and exceptionally secure storage solutions. Wherever data needs to be protected from deletion and manipulation and securely stored for years and decades, our linear file system with Erasure Coding and the hardware WORM sealing provide compliant and protected archiving. The certification (in Germany, Austria & Switzerland according to GDPdU, GoBS and RöV, amongst others) also includes the optional use of retention periods with the ability to purge any access afterwards.

Silent Cubes

Specialized storage solution for compliant archiving

Being a market leader in German hospitals and public administration, Silent Cubes are the de facto standard storage solution for compliant archiving.

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Silent Bricks

Elastic Storage for Backup and Archive

The Silent Brick System‘s movable storage media is independent from its general storage IT. This guarantees high-performance components for connections, and also allows for maximum flexibility and individual configuration of the media. Also, it enables replication on a per-media basis, ease of transport and off-site storage.

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EU-GDPR will be mandatory 2018:
Data protection also means resilient storage systems.

The upcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) explicitly requires resilience of IT systems as part of data processing (Section 2 GDPR): It requests „the ability to ensure the ongoing confidentiality, integrity, availability and resilience of processing systems and services“.