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Start with the PACS that currently suits your needs and just let it grow if need be. All PACS variants are fitted with interfaces for study request communication using HIS/RIS (HL7). The systems differ by their number of modalities that can be integrated as well as the number of simultaneous users in image distribution. The Modality PACS systems come with one to four CHILI Report diagnostic workstations. The larger variants also contain licenses for DICOM Query/Retrieve and retrieval from foreign programs DICOM applications. 

dg hyparchive

dataglobal | ARCHIVING | Silent Cubes

Unified Archiving with dg hyparchive – Compliance. Security. Efficiency. 



Examine image data in detail and diagnose efficiently 

Synapse PACS


The versatile medical imaging and information system 


lobodms | DMS | Silent Cubes

lobodms is a full-fledged document management system, equipped with all major functions and features. Based on the latest technology, it is currently one of the most innovative products on the market. It eliminates paperwork and provides the best solutions to optimize your work processes. Thanks to the quick access, as well as the automated archiving of your scanned­ and digital documents, you save time and money. 


Windream | DMS | Silent Cubes

Easy handling and complete integration into the operating system – these are the keyfacts of the windream ECM-system. 


medigration | HEALTHCARE | Silent Cubes

As specialists for the handling and processing of medical image data, we offer customized and producer-independent, cost-efficient solutions for image cross-linking (PACS). By the transmission of encrypted, compressed image- and findings data we guarantee beyond that an extremely simple and fast across locations networking. 



INFINITT PACS is a completely web-based PACS in which departmental PACS viewers such as Radiology, Cardiology, Dental, Mammo PACS viewers and 3D post-processing capabilities can operate on a single database platform. 


VISUS | HEALTHCARE | Silent Bricks, Silent Cubes

Whether in the doctor‘s office or in clinical radiology, JiveX Enterprise PACS offers solutions for every scenario that are both high-performing and rich in features. Flexible interfaces and high scalability enable the establishment of a custom-tailored image data management. Integrated 3D functionality or the use of intelligent hanging and reading protocols greatly facilitate the radiological workflow. Moreover, thanks to its server structures and sophisticated permission concepts, JiveX Enterprise PACS is also optimally suited for working within networked scenarios.  


Telemis | HEALTHCARE | Silent Bricks, Silent Cubes

Lets you compress, secure, store, and view x-ray images using cutting-edge display and viewing tools (zoom, magnifier, annotations, distance measurement, measurement tracking, etc.). The user can view coronarographic, PET, and nuclear medicine images at the same time, as well as more classic imaging (MRI, CT scan, ultrasound, etc.). The use of labels associated with the exams lets you create groups of exams and access them via one click. A personalised search system allows you to access the desired patient file or exam very quickly. The display is optimised to allow multi-screen display, as well as the integration of the RIS and PACS software installed on the same diagnostic stations. 

Centricity PACS

GE Healthcare | HEALTHCARE | Silent Cubes

With the introduction of Universal Viewer for CentricityTM PACS and PACS-IW, GE Healthcare delivers a powerful unified workspace for radiologists and clinicians. Universal Viewer brings together intelligent tools, enhanced usability and access, advanced visualization and breast imaging to help optimize productivity. Unlike disparate PACS and 3-D systems, Universal Viewer helps to increase efficiency by simplifying information access with a single image repository across 2-D and 3-D studies, enabling holistic oncology and other specialty work flows, with easy access to prior exams. 


xSuite | DMS | Silent Cubes

Our archive meets all standards in long-term storage of information. Along with tested audit security, it offers incomparable speed in data access and retrieval. xSuite's archive can archive data from any ERP system or other data source in parallel. The flexibility available in configuration is impressive. Thanks to a range of interfaces, your existing data can be imported or migrated. 

Comarch ECM

Comarch | DMS | Silent Cubes

Enterprise Content Management 


ARTEC IT Solutions | DMS | Silent Cubes

EMA® is the universal appliance that legally archives your organization's information. Regardless of whether you want to archive e-mail messages, printed documents, files, or voice data (VoIP) – EMA® can meet your organization's individual requirements with its numerous modules and flexible interfaces. EMA®'s centralization of archiving processes for various content types allows you to consolidate all business-related information in one central archive for your organization. 


Perennity | HEALTHCARE | Silent Cubes

iQ-VIEW is an easy-to use reading station that has been designed by radiologists for radiologists. The software is available in three different versions: LITE, BASIC and PRO. The LITE version is added to the Patient CDs created with Perennity Dicom edition. The BASIC version was developed as a reading station for all physicians, such as orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors, veterinarians and internal specialists. The iQ-VIEW PRO is optimized for radiology, mammography and nuclear medicine requirements. 


dotiga | DMS | Silent Cubes

The document management system dotiga allows digital filing and quick retrieval of your documents. These are categorized in a simple and efficient manner and filed away in the archive securely and atemporally The integrated version management allows users to view older versions of a document. For convenient categorization, document types can be freely defined and provided with customizable fields. One possible document type could be "Incoming invoice" with the supplementary fields "Invoice number" and "Supplier". The customizable document types provide maximum freedom in defining your business processes and the internal structure of your company. 


DocuWare | DMS | Silent Cubes

DocuWare is a modern document management system for professional enterprise content management. Install the on-premise solution on your servers and use it throughout the company. Our flexible license model and various software modules allow you to perfectly tailor the software to your work processes and company requirements. 


Carestream | HEALTHCARE | Silent Cubes

CARESTREAM Vue PACS provides one workspace for the clinical tools and applications physicians and radiologists need for convenient local and remote reporting. 

nscale 7vecto

Ceyoniq | DMS | Silent Cubes

The nscale Server is at the heart of the nscale information platform and is the result of many years of successful research by Ceyoniq Technology GmbH. The server combines four fundamental components: storage layer (nscale Server Storage Layer), application layer (nscale Server Application Layer), the nscale Pipeliner for importing and exporting data along with numerous interfaces which ensure a high level of integration potential in existing IT systems. nscale Administrator serves as a consolidated graphical configuration interface for the administration of all the components. 


Optimal Systems | DMS | Silent Bricks, Silent Cubes

Digital Knowledge, Documents and Processes – The enaio® information, communication and monitoring platform allows for unlimited access to the heterogeneous data world of your company. As enaio® business knowledge is managed centrally, you can make it available at any place, electronically depict the entire lifecycle of any document and expedite business processes. Whether information is filed according to projects, filing plans or processes, does not matter. Thanks to intelligent retrieval features you will find your information in structured digital files in just a matter of seconds. 

Xcelera Cardiology Information Management

Philips Healthcare | HEALTHCARE | Silent Cubes

Xcelera is an integrated multi-modality image management system for cardiovascular information. It improves clinical workflow by providing a single access point for advanced clinical applications, multi-modality images, and reports. 

OpenText Content Suite

OpenText | DMS | Silent Cubes

OpenText Content Suite facilitates an agile information governance strategy designed to reduce risk and mitigate the cost of growing volumes of content in the enterprise – freeing strategic CIOs to focus on using information to drive growth and innovation. 

Enterprise Vault

Symantec, Veritas | ARCHIVING | Silent Cubes

Establish a fundamental foundation for information retention management with Veritas archiving solutions—Enterprise Vault and Enterprise Through highly customizable policies, scan applications and automatically migrate information to an archive to support legal, regulatory, or compliance requirements. 


ELO | DMS | Silent Cubes

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) encompasses all functions for efficient management and control of the entire company knowledge. This knowledge is in the minds of employees and in the most diverse business data and document formats. ELO ECM solutions are designed so that they assemble the respectively relevant content, business processes and people precisely in terms of efficient processing. 


TECH-ARROW | DMS, EMAIL | Silent Cubes

contentACCESS is a modular framework which is primarily designed for processing emails from MS Exchange or Office 365. The processed emails can be stored in various 3rd party archive or storage systems on premise as well as on cloud. contentACCESS provides a simple way of just implementing the actual processing task and writing to an archive system of your choice. It also provides methods for accessing stored content regardless of the target, providing unified access. 


EASY | DMS | Silent Bricks, Silent Cubes

EASY SOFTWARE is all about optimising the important business processes that go on in the background. The new ECM Suite brings our diverse solutions together on one modular platform. As integrative as ever and as intuitive as always – but now with the ability to be adapted even more quickly and flexibly to your requirements. 


SIEMENS Healthcare | HEALTHCARE | Silent Cubes

syngo.share is the universal software solution that meets the requirements of a powerful VNA for managing, archiving, and sharing clinical data, independent of their format and origin. It provides scalable storage capacities for archiving across departments.  

synedra AIM

synedra | HEALTHCARE | Silent Cubes

synedra AIM is a universal archive for medical data, covering all specialties of healthcare facilities and managing their data.  


d.velop | DMS | Silent Bricks, Silent Cubes

Dusty archives, filing cabinets and rows upon rows of ring binders – this is what document management used to look like. Digital document management from d.velop helps you leave this mess behind! 


SIEMENS Healthcare | HEALTHCARE | Silent Cubes

syngo.plaza is the smart PACS workhorse for reading and reporting a large variety of cases – from routine to complex. It brings 3D technology to everyday reading. And its powerful storage capacities enable vendor-neutral archiving even enterprise-wide. 

Macros eArchive

Macros Reply | ARCHIVING | Silent Cubes

With Macros Reply products, you are selecting sleek and modern archiving products. As archive-independent software, we link the archive or storage system of your choice and enable in-depth work with the filed documents and metadata. Filing the documents in the archive or in other Macros systems uses the various adapters from where you are working – your filing system, an office or e-mail system, etc. And of course Macros Reply includes tools to convert your documents into archive formats and to meet demands for statutory and company-specific requirements. 


JobRouter | | Silent Cubes

JobRouter® controls any process in the company and overcomes the tight barriers of document management systems. JobRouter® supports document-free as well as data-related processes. The complexity of the project can reach from a simple change inbox process to a highly complex product development request. 

PoINT Storage Manager

PoINT | ARCHIVING, HSM | Silent Bricks, Silent Cubes

The requirements for storage solutions concerning performance, availability and capacity are continuously growing while simultaneously companies have to face a high cost pressure. By PoINT Storage Manager acquisition and operational costs can be reduced by combining different storage technologies in a tiered storage architecture.