Silent Cube DS.

Compliant archiving in 19-inch format

The Silent Cube DS in 19-inch format is the new generation of our WORM storage for compliant archiving. Based on our powerful DS platform, it is suitable for decades of secure archiving with net capacities of 4 to 64 TB per unit - also available as an upgrade for existing Silent Cubes systems.

Next Generation.

Chip ds | FAST LTA

DS. For the future.

Huge: up to 64 TB (net) in 19-inch format

Proven: Erasure Coding & Hardware WORM

Certified: Audit-proof and DSGVO-compliant

Scalable: At any time, even retroactively

Compatible: with any Silent Cube system


Slim on the outside, huge on the inside: the Silent Cube DS offers 4, 8, 16, 32 or 64 TB capacity (net, uncompressed) per height unit. If you prefer fancy: the original Silent Cube in the excellent cube design is still available.

Variations and technical data


Used a thousand times, without any data loss. The Silent Cube DS also protects your data like no other system with its mix of erasure coding with quadruple redundancy using 12 hard disks from 3 batches, linear file system, self-healing digital audit, and 100% secure hardware WORM. Our customers have been relying on it for over 12 years.

Over 10 years of working with FAST LTA: St. Josef Hospital Bochum


Like all Silent Cubes, the Silent Cube DS is also certified by KPMG for compliant archiving in accordance with the German GDPdU, GoBS and RöV regulations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The certification also includes support for retention periods and subsequent "deletion", i.e. making access impossible.

Audit certificate from KPMG for Silent Cubes


Expanding capacity is particularly easy with Silent Cubes. Connect a new Silent Cube to the head unit, log in and assign it in the graphical software interface, and you're done. Moving data within the system - Silent Transfer, for example, to replace several smaller Silent Cubes with one large Silent Cube DS - is as easy as clicking the right mouse button, happens in the background, and is also certified and audit-proof. Clever.


Particularly brilliant: You do not need to change your existing Silent Cube DS if you are using a Head Unit C4 or Head Unit for VMware. Silent Cubes DS can be operated in parallel with original Silent Cubes without any restrictions. This means that the Silent Cube DS is of course also compatible with the numerous software solutions of our technology partners.